Nutrition & Wellness

Nutrition and wellness is responsible for the key domains of study dealing with human health that are expressly outside of the realm of the medical. Individuals studying in these fields will receive education regarding human body and wellness, and the various tools and methods available in order to strengthen the body and ensure its continued health.

Individuals will be provided a strong background in human anatomy and physiology along with key biology courses to better prepare for the various treatments one will use to ensure success.  Health, wellness, and nutrition are vital areas of our economy.  Education can span from trained dieticians to food service managers to therapy and holistic medicine.

Practical education is provided through degree programs and certificates from accredited schools.  Formally training students in wellness and nutrition will ultimately help best equip students with the intricacies of a vocation and help others in optimal ways.  Degrees are required by many employers and state agencies to practice depending on the vocational domain.  Visit the degree pathway programs to learn more about each area of study along with degrees available from top schools.

In the area of study of nutrition & wellness, we offer education and career pathways, as well as list of top schools which offer the following programs:


Acupuncture lead-in

A master's degree in acupuncture can lead to a rewarding and lucrative career. Our acupuncture schools page is a portal designed to be a comprehensive educational resource to discover colleges and careers. Accredited college listings and degree-specific information will help you launch your research into schools and degree programs offered from acupuncture schools near you. With the many different types of acupuncture to consider, perform your research to determine which methodologies would work best for you and your career in this field. Connect with top ranked acupuncture schools today and gather admissions information from schools that fit you best.

Art Therapy

Art therapy lead-in

Looking for a rewarding career in art therapy? Are you the type of person that enjoys helping others, creating art, and making a difference is this world? Get more information about which college's offer bachelor's or master's degree programs around the country in the discipline of art history in seconds with MatchCollege. College degrees and therapy programs can quickly be garnered by visiting our art therapy schools page. You will learn more about art therapist median income, degree pathways, and the steps you will need to follow to become an art therapist. Key information on how long it will take you to earn a degree, educational requirements, and a vocational outlook in art therapy is included. Get connected with top-tier colleges offering art therapy today with MatchCollege.

Athletic Training

Athletic training lead-in

Gather critical admissions information from the best athletic training colleges and universities near you today. Our athletic training portal will help you decipher applicable bachelor's or master's degree programs from the best colleges. Looking for more information from a central, trustworthy authority? Look no further than our athletic training degree page from MatchCollege to quickly gather valuable information about the athletic training degree programs offered by top ranked colleges near you or from around the nation. Understand the difference between an athletic trainer and personal trainer along with the exact steps you need to take to become an athletic trainer.

Audiology and Speech Pathology

Audiology and speech pathology lead-in

Thinking of a career in audiology and speech pathology? Quickly find a list of colleges near you that offer a bachelor's or master's degree in speech pathology and audiology. As a key starting point, you can gather admissions information prior to beginning your studies in this ever-evolving field of study. Our audiology and speech pathology education portal can be readily accessed through our audiology and speech pathology school page today. As part of the largest, most trusted digital library of college degree and college profiles, MatchCollege is the one to trust. Helping millions of students each year, MatchCollege has created a dedicated portal for students seeking information about speech pathology and audiology. Get the information you need today and request key admissions information from top universities in seconds.


Chiropractic lead-in

Find out more about the array of top ranked colleges and universities from around the country that offer a D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) programs with our award-winning portal today. Our chiropractic schools page provides a complete school listings and information to help you find what you need. For example, you will quickly find what a chiropractor does for work along with the exact steps you need to follow to become a chiropractor including training and licensure needed to jumpstart your career.


Dietetics lead-in

Are you interested in starting a rewarding and challenging future in the field of dietetics? Collect the information you need today with MatchCollege. Our dietetics portal will help you visually understand key features of each school along with which accredited colleges offer bachelor's or master's degree programs instantly with MatchCollege. Our dietetics degree pages are a much-heralded educational resource for finding out more about schools and careers in a single page. You will quickly understand what a Registered Dietician Nutritionist is, why an RDN is important, the array of degrees available to dieticians, and the online learning options you can enroll in utilizing the information found in our portal.

Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology lead-in

Individuals interested in studying exercise physiology may pursue a bachelor's degree, master's, or doctorate degree in this exciting field of study. Sort, shift, and filter information about top rated schools near you to begin your education quest in exercise physiology. Gathering the right information and earning a degree from a respected institution will help you fruitfully pursue a career in exercise physiology. Interested in finding out more about this discipline of physiology? Visit our exercise physiology degree page today and gather the information you need to make a great decision about your career. Get information on career in exercise physiology, degree programs, states employing the most exercise physiologists, and the top paying states for this vocation.

Food Science

Food science lead-in

Success is just around the corner when you begin an education in food science. Find out which schools in your state offer a bachelor's degree, master's degree, or PhD in a matter of minutes with our dynamic search tools. Prospective food scientists may rapidly locate school listings and career information through our food science degree page today. You will learn about the various undergraduate and graduate degree pathways available to students in the field of food science. Additionally, you will discover the best paying states for food scientists along with the steps needed to become a food scientist from our dedicated page.

Holistic Health and Nutrition

Holistic health and nutrition lead-in

Are you the type of person that is looking for a rewarding career in holistic health and nutrition? Get more information about which schools offer degree programs in your area and around the country to make a great decision about this field. Access more detailed information through our holistic health and nutrition degree page and find out more about the best degree programs in holistic health to help you make the most of your latent skills and talents.

Kinesiology And Exercise Science

Kinesiology and exercise science lead-in

Does the information you know about kinesiology and exercise science sparked your interest? Collect more information about the accredited schools near your home that have bachelor's degree programs and master's degree programs in this exciting field of science. A full school listing and online learning information is available by clicking on our kinesiology and exercise science degree details page to get connected to top ranked, accredited universities in seconds with our award-winning technology.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy lead-in

Are you planning to get an education in massage therapy? Challenge yourself to find out which community colleges and universities in your area offer students an opportunity to earn a certificate, associate, or bachelor's degree in this field. Students seeking more information, please refer to our massage therapy schools page to get the real scoop on the exact steps you need to follow to become a massage therapist, career expectations, career outlook in this industry, and the online learning tools available to help you reach your potential in the massage therapy arena.

Music Therapy

Music therapy lead-in

Are you actively seeking university programs near you that offer a bachelor's, master's degree, or doctorate degree in music therapy? Visit our music therapy degree page today to get information regarding education career, and school listings in seconds. Millions of students each year trust our expansive digital portal to help make a great decision for their careers. Commit to be the best you can be in music therapy by gathering vital admissions information from the best universities for you with our top rated technology.


Nutrition lead-in

Use MatchCollege to quickly search for accredited universities that offer bachelor's or master's degree in nutrition and see what you need to begin your education. Interested in learning more? Visit our nutrition degree page today to gather admissions information from top college programs near you along with steps needed to become a nutritionist and online degrees in nutrition to help you reach your vocational objectives by leveraging education.


Osteopathy College Degree Programs

Interested in an advanced degree in osteopathy? Do you know the difference between a PhD and a DO or the difference between a MPH and JD degree? Find out how to earn your doctorate degree in osteopathy and the schools that confer degrees in this field with MatchCollege. We have curated an easy-to-use platform that allows you to connect with top colleges and universities near you or from around the country by visiting the osteopathy degree page today.

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine lead-in

Thinking of a career in sports medicine? Do you know the most popular jobs in sports medicine and what it takes to break into the field? Find out which schools offer both bachelor degree programs and master degree tracks to explore. Both new and returning students can quickly aggregate financial and admissions information with our robust search tools & award-winning resources. Learn more about career paths and school listings through our sports medicine degree profile page to learn more about the educational requirements and array of degree options for students pursuing a degree in sports medicine from accredited colleges.