Administration & Social Services

Administration and social services refers to the areas of study that are responsible for the training and education of individuals who wish to pursue a career in one of the areas listed. Individuals will receive an education that teaches one how to work with and assist others, or to manage groups in order to accomplish specific tasks and goals, generally for the purpose of the betterment of society.

Additionally, programs in these areas teach individuals about the problems concerning their area, and the various methodologies used and considered in order to identify and remedy them. Many of these programs result in professional crossover for graduates working in their respective fields.

Degree tracks range from fields such as public policy, public administration, and public relations to healthcare administration.  These type of leadership positions require students to be thoughtful, articulate, and politically aware of decisions made by an entity on those they serve.  Alternatively, fields such as guidance counseling, social work, and organization behavior studies draws heavily upon psychology and pathology to help individuals successfully navigate life.

For further research, students can visit the following organizations and associations to learn more about social services and administrative careers.

  • American Clinical Social Work Association (ACSWA):  Founders of the ACSWA created this association to support students, graduates, and practitioners of all capacities with all aspects of the field of social work.  In addition to substantive member benefits, the ACSWA provides non-members with a free, informative newsletter.
  • American Society for Public Administration (ASPA): The ASPA strives to advance the teaching, art, practice, and science of public administration.  This organization helps add credibility and value to public and non-profit administration while building a bridge to practitioners and students alike.
  • PR Council (PRC):  Public Relations Council is a group that strives to provide professionalism, promotion of excellence, expand diversity, and share best practices in the public relations domain.  Members range from large multi-national organizations to specialty PR agencies across the nation.
  • Healthcare Administrators Association (HCAA):  Founded in 1980, the HCAA is a non-profit organization that acts as an advisory and regulatory board for third party administrators and related service providers.  HCAA is the leading agency for health care administrators supporting the education, networking, and advocacy of professionals in the United States.
  • Association for Public Policy Analysis & Administration (APPAA):  The APPAA provides a variety of services to public policy professionals including research, analysis, and education.  Specific activities include peer-reviewed public policy journal publications, annual conferences, and fostering student participation in the advancement of the trade.
  • American School Counselor Association (ASCA): School counselors have the ASCA to help them stay up to date on industry trends and learn key insights into educational stakeholders.  Members obtain access to the Professional School Counselors Journal, ASCA School Counselors Magazine, free resources, discounted publications, and access to a robust online community.

In the area of study of administration & social services, we offer education and career pathways, as well as list of top schools which offer the following programs:

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistant lead-in

Are you eager to pursue a college degree as an administrative assistant? Locate colleges near you or universities offering administrative assistant programs online. By searching for schools with our expansive resources, you can rapidly find accredited universities that offer returning, new, and transfer students associate's degrees and certificate programs in administrative work. Additional information can be found through the link to our administrative assistant training page. A full list of accredited programs can quickly be found given your specific goals and educational budget in the field of administrative work.

Cognitive Science

Cognitive Science College Degree Programs

Learn more about the fascinating study of Cognitive Science today by visiting our dedicated page here. Get degree information, a full list of accredited college programs, and a career overview of the cognitive science domain. Our informative portal helps students find the right undergraduate or graduate degree for them from the best colleges and universities in the nation.

Community Organization and Advocacy

Community Organization & Advocacy College Degree Programs

Learn more about starting your future career in community organization and advocacy by visiting our degree portal and gathering school-specific information from accredited colleges. Our amazing search tools and robust database of universities will help new and returning college students find programs of interest. Start your journey of a thousand steps today by putting one foot in front of the other. Your ability to help others and shape the events of a community start with a single decision.

Counseling Psychologist

Counseling Psychologist College Degree Programs

Learn what it takes to become a professional counseling psychologist by connecting with the perfect school for you. A full list of accredited programs is available with a simple search to help you find a degree pathway and accredited school that fits your goals. Make the decision to gather information about counseling psychology programs today.

Environmental Health

Environmental health lead-in

Does the prospect of an environmental health career have you interested in learning more about this vocation? Get more information about schools that offer degree programs near you. We offer comprehensive college profile listings, educational insights, admissions tips, career resources, and national associations in environmental health. With millions of college-bound students trusting MatchCollege every year, it makes sense to dive in and gather data you need. Our environmental health degree information page is a simply hop away for students excited to learn more.

Guidance Counselor

Guidance counselor lead-in

Get started on your career as a guidance counselor! Check out our list of schools that offer the best bachelor's or master's degree programs nationwide. Individuals seeking additional information are asked to visit our guidance counselor degree details page.

Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administration lead-in

Healthcare administration as a career has you interested? Find out more information about schools that offer master's or doctorate degree programs. Individuals seeking additional information are asked to visit our healthcare administration degree details page.

Human Resources

Human resources lead-in

Rewarding careers in human resources start by earning a formal degree from top rated universities and colleges. The most common degrees available are the associate's degree and the bachelor degree programs. Hundreds of excellent colleges throughout the nation offer degree programs in human resources to help you jumpstart your career in the field. Learn all you need about vocational resources, HR salaries, national associations, job duties and various career paths with MatchCollege. Our search platform will help students of all ages locate school listings and degrees through our human resources degree profile page.

Human Services

Human services lead-in

Find out more about the various academic programs in human services today with MatchCollege. Curious students can gather career information along with sorting accredited college programs by degree type and certificate programs. Sort for human services degree programs by size, school type, location, state, and degree length in seconds. Key data is available now through our human services degree page. Begin your academic journey today by searching for schools that will provide you with the opportunity to make a substantial difference in the world around you.

Organizational Behavior Studies

Organizational Behavior College Degree Programs

Discover college programs in Organizational Behavior Studies by referring to our highly ranked resource from top colleges and universities near you or from around the country. Learn what is takes to become an organization behavior specialist and make an indelible impact on your organization through targeted degree programs in this field of study.

Parks and Recreation Management

Parks and recreation management lead-in

Start your career in parks and recreation management today! See what schools in your area offer associate or bachelor's degree programs to help get you started. Students may find listings and career information through our parks and recreation management degree page.

Public Administration

Public administration lead-in

Planning to pursue a degree in public administration? Find which schools offer degree opportunities in this field. School listings and career information is available on our public administration degree page. Online and on-site degree programs are available from top ranked colleges to help you achieve your vocational goals and get you on the path to meet your professional objectives.

Public Health

Public health lead-in

Are you wanting to initiate a challenging and rewarding career in public health? If so, you will need to invest time understanding the requirements to enter the field and thrive as a public health manager. Start with MatchCollege and gather key information about the accredited colleges offering degrees in public health. Dig deeper into our public health portal and learn more about the various degree programs available, public health jobs, public health salary data, and national associations at your fingertips. Research with confidence with our public health degree page today.

Public Policy

Public policy lead-in

Students interested in public policy may begin their career through the completion of a degree program. Access more detailed information through our public policy degree page or search for programs using our degree finder. We have specifically designed our proprietary search platform to help you find degree programs and schools in seconds within a single portal.

Public Relations

Public relations lead-in

Are you struggling to understand where to start your public relations career search? PR all starts with establishing the requisite skills and knowledge in the industry. Knowledge and skills can be formally acquired from accredited universities and colleges listed with MatchCollege. Our comprehensive database of top rated schools give you a leg-up on your degree search. Locate schools offering undergraduate PR degrees and graduate PR degrees near you and from around the nation. The details you need can be found through the MatchCollege public relations degree page today. Key data on PR salaries, career outlook, degree programs, and requirements for PR managers is listed on our portal.

Social Work

Social work lead-in

Looking to pursue a career in social work? Find information about schools that offer BSW or MSW degree programs around the country. Individuals seeking additional information are asked to visit our social work degree details page.

Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling

Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling College Degrees

Interested in helping others get back to work in their full capacity? Check out our Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling page. Make a difference in the lives of others long-term by investing in your education today.